11 best Top PS4 games download free

It’s fine for everyone to release these independent and AAA titles for the PS4, but we are not made of money. We could make a new game every month, but realistically everyone deserves a new game more often, it’s just our bank balance that does not cooperate.

Fortunately, the PS4 now has a free section to play on the PlayStation Store, where you can find incredible games that you can play without having to spend a dime.

Epic Games, a veteran of the Gears of War franchise, has moved to new pastures. Paragon is a third-person MOBA with a good selection of heroes, and it does not cost anything to play.

Those who are intimidated by the Free PS4 games complexity of League of Legends or DOTA 2 on PC will find Paragon much more user-friendly. It’s a simpler beast, but it defies its audience in a way that most MOBA’s never do by asking them to take care of verticality and 3D space.

Best games for PC

The game is currently in open beta and costs nothing to play. New heroes appear every three weeks, constantly giving new toys to the players.
Planetside 2 was originally released in 2012 on PC, where he was loved by his players. This online shooter (MMOFPS) for MMOs was finally released on PS4 and gave players of the game console a piece of the Planetside 2 cake.

The game is pretty simple, but the real attraction of Planetside 2 is its scale. Thousands of players can come together, divide into three factions and then fight to control the territory of the game. It’s like a multiplayer battlefield game, but more than 10 times the players.

There are purchases in the ps4 games download free  if you want to spend a few cents, but Developer Daybreak keeps the game balanced, whether you spend a few pounds or not. Our recommendation is to come and have fun because there is absolutely no reason to spend.