Why you should not depend on Expert advisor ? read-

you need to learn harmonic pattern indicator too along with EA guide. so stay tuned with us to get every detailed guide

The Forex Fraud Slogger Expert Advisor is an investment-based script that identifies inversions using the Envelope Strips indicator. It also manages the final stops of the operations opened by the Expert Advisor and can also manage the operations opened by other Expert Advisors or manually by the user.

The envelope indicator provides an upper band and a lower band, with prices generally being traded on secondary markets. The idea behind this expert advisor is that when the price enters the envelope from the outside, it moves to the center of the envelope or the other end of the envelope. The Expert Advisor identifies such scenarios and turns these situations into business opportunities.

If the price is higher than the top envelope and falls from top to bottom under the top envelope, the expert advisor will create a sales process. The expectation is that the price will continue to fall towards the middle of the hull.

If the price is lower than the lower envelope and then goes below the lower envelope, the Expert Advisor generates an exchange PURCHASE. The price is expected to continue to increase towards the middle of the envelope

best expert advisor give you great profit so  before choose think in deep about it.